X was born in the dark dirty techno clubs of Berlin, Germany. Reincarnated from late 1970s Bronx and late 1980s LA South Central. MR.X graduates to the stages of Mayday raves, the Electric Kingdom Tours, the Glastonbury Festival, Top of the Pops UK and MTV live.
He plays across Germany, Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic.
And he commands the mother of this electronic brood: The Love Parade of Berlin. MR.X is the co-member with MR.Y of the eponymous legendary techno-electro tag team. Westbam is the godfather of German techno. Too many awards, not enough Internet space. In Eastern Europe, Mr.X is known as the Machine Gun, the Red Alien, Master, and the Hybrid because of his 40 to 50 track power hour sets that bang up your head.
Now Ice-T’s EBE Nation has signed MR.X to unleash him on the US electronic landscape. Sorry but no prisoners, folks! No Jokes. No Games. No Gimmicks. Just FOUR CD players, ONE mike and ONE mixer.
X is coming soon to an event near you or an event by you.
Signed Afrika Islam and the original gangster Ice-T